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Zine Scene

Zine Scene

A collection of Zines I've made throughout the years for a number of personal and educational projects


"That's What She Said": Collaged printed zine centering around the wisdom and courage of the character Michael Gary Scott.
Hand-bound with a hand-drawn cover that was made into a polymer plate and letter pressed. 



"Day_of_": Hand-illustrated zine documenting myself filling an entire page in my sketchbook for (what was supposed to be one week) a total of 28 days. 



"Draw Me (Like One of Your French Girls)" :Final Thesis Project for BFA in which an anonymous survey was sent out through various social media platforms asking people to answer questions about themselves. Based on their answers, an image of them and things they described in their survey answers was drawn by me. The images and their answers were then complied into a book. 100 copies were printed, hand-cut, and hand-bound.